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Best Pieces From The Marie Kondo Container Store Collection

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo took America by storm in 2019. We all started asking ourselves if our belongings "sparked joy" and mastered the "Konmari" folding method. Well, all of our dreams have finally come true and The Container Store has finally partnered with the queen herself to bring us a curated collection! I have selected some of my favorite items and wanted to share them with you here! Let me know if you find anything that sparks joy!

  1. Marie Kondo 3-Tier Expanding Shelf

  2. Marie Kondo Spice Bottle Labels Pkg/60

  3. Marie Kondo Legal Size Kawaii Pouches Pkg/5

  4. Marie Kondo Cloud White Ceramic Spice Jar with Bamboo Lid

  5. Marie Kondo Kitchen Accessory Drawer Organizers Solution

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