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Creating A Home Office Space That Works For You In 3 Easy Steps!

1. Aim For Clear Surfaces

Best you can, aim to clear your surfaces. Visual clutter can cause more stress than you may realize, even if it is somewhat managed. If you have a clean slate, you have a clear mind. Purge as much as you can to make this a reality and I promise this will make a major difference in your mental clarity.

2. Don’t Fight The Tide

Think about the way you actually do things, and create systems around that. That requires you to be brutally honest with yourself about the way that you work. For example, I would love to be the type of person that takes my shoes off and puts them right back in my closet, but I leave them at the door. So instead of beating myself up about it, I create a place for my shoes at my door. That works in every aspect of your home and work routine. Think about the way you work and prefer to file your paperwork and design your systems around it. Alphabetical systems don’t work for everyone, so try filing by categories.

3. Make It Pretty… But Buy Smart

It is a fact that getting all of the pretty bins and baskets makes us feel good because it is aesthetically pleasing. Something that isn’t addressed often enough, however, is that when you buy the RIGHT bins, baskets, drawer organizers, etc. then you are setting yourself up for a sustainable system that will keep you accountable for the long haul. These products tend to cost more money because they are built to last.

The benefit to hiring a professional to come into your home and work through these systems and shop for these products for you, is so that you do not waste your money on cheap containers that either won’t last or aren’t going to be part of a system that makes sense for the way that you actually work within your space. I am so passionate about making solutions for your specific situation, because I have seen firsthand the difference a well-executed plan can make in someone’s life. Let me help you transform your workspace today!

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