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DIY Home Emergency Kit

Living on the outskirts of Houston, Texas my entire life, hurricanes and floods have been a pretty consistent issue. I have always been lucky to live outside of the major flood areas, so the worst I have personally experienced has been extended power outages and not being able to leave my neighborhood due to surrounding water. However, with the ever-changing construction around our area, you never know how or if you will be affected by the next storm, so it is important to be prepared. *This post contains affiliate links*

Recently, I found out about a company called odIANs that has created a water resistant, heavy

duty storage bag that can carry up to 60 pounds! When they reached out to send me their product to try, I was so excited because my mind IMMEDIATELY went to the possibilities of how wonderful this would be for disaster prep. In Texas, you never know until the last minute if you are going to have to hunker down or evacuate, so you need to have all of your hurricane prep in an easy to carry, water resistant bag just in case you have to leave on short notice! The best thing about these bags is that they come in a pack of 4 for just $29.99! I can't get over the quality of my bags, so I am so excited to share them with you! I want to show you what I put in mine, and give you some ideas for what else you should keep in your home in the event of a hurricane, or any natural disaster. I have also included a downloadable checklist so you can make sure you have everything you need! Some of these items will need to be updated frequently (like food and extra clothing) so you don't end up with something expired or the wrong size.

  1. Water proof legal size pouches- These are great for your legal documents. You can store them in these waterproof pouches as an extra layer of protection against any flooding issues.

  2. Battery powered fan- I personally own these and they are great and STRONG. They are tiny and mighty, and I highly recommend getting one for each family member to have next to their bed. It is cruel and unusual that hurricane season is also the hottest time of the year! You can never have enough fans!

  3. Multipack of flashlights- Pretty self explanatory, but these are great to have during power outages.

  4. Emergency Gas and Water Shut Off Tool- This is such an important safety tool to have in the event of a flash flood. It is also useful for prying open doors and cabinets, and digging through debris.

  5. Battery Powered Neck Fan- Okay, sorry not sorry, but I can't get enough fans. Sure, toss this in your emergency kit, but I keep mine out all the time. I am obsessed. I use it when I am cleaning the house, going on walks, just about all the time!

  6. Battery Powered Phone Chargers- I have these and they are fantastic. They charge your phone quickly, and are compatible with both android and iPhone!

  7. Battery Powered Camping Lanterns- Great for full room light when you don't want to shine a flashlight in someone's eyes. Highly recommend!

  8. First Aid Kit- Every family needs one of these. I love that this particular kit comes with a smaller car version as well!

  9. Create and Carry Art Set- Whether the schools shut down and your stuck at home, or you are forced to evacuate and sit in the car for hours, you are going to want some form of entertainment for your kids. This art set comes with everything you need in a convenient lap set. No technology needed!

Some other items that you will need for your emergency kit that aren't linkable, but are important to have are as follows:

If you have to hunker down:

  • Generator- this will be a LIFE SAVER. It will keep your AC and refrigerator running. Basically, you will be the envy of all of your neighbors and friends.

  • Charcoal grill

  • Gasoline- you will want this for your generator, but it will also be nice to have since we have seen gas stations run out of gas before due to the road conditions. It is so good to be prepared for the worst!

Family Items:

  • At the beginning of hurricane season it is a good time to pack each person a few days of clothing in the event you need to evacuate. It is best to do this at the beginning of each hurricane season since kids grow and change so much throughout the year.

  • Another fun idea is to include some board games (not ones with a bunch of pieces) or a fun conversation starter game that is family friendly that can be played in the car or around a dimly lit coffee table. These disasters can be extremely anxiety inducing for everyone, especially children, and it is helpful to plan for something fun as a family to ease everyone's minds.

  • Non perishable food. Admittedly, I have been very lucky to have not needed this, but if you don't have a gas stove, stock up on some filling items that won't expire quickly in the event you are in a situation that you might need it!

  • Something that people never remember until it is too late, is to take photos of their valuables for insurance purposes. I recommend taking photos of your home and your valuables before each hurricane season and saving them on a flash drive. Hopefully, you will never need to use it. However, if you do end up with flood damage you will be so glad you have documentation. As part of my organizing packages I can walk you through that process and make sure that you are ready for anything that comes your way.

Click the link below for your downloadable checklist to create your own emergency kit!

Thread of Gold Home Emergency Checklist
Download • 70KB

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