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Get Organized Gift Guide- Kick Off Your New Years Resolutions With These Storage Solutions!

Today I am linking some items that would be perfect for the person that has everything... literally. They have so much that they need some help putting it all somewhere! These options are all brought to you by Amazon (affiliate links), and I hope it is helpful!


1. This can storage is something I need in particular, because cans tend to rust at the bottom and stain my pantry shelves. I like that this helps me clearly see what I have, so I don't buy duplicates!

2. I am a firm believer in making snacks easily accessible so that you aren't spending your entire day dealing them out to whiny children. I love the idea of placing this lazy susan in a low place in your pantry and filling it with items that you are okay with your children accessing at any point!

3. How cute are these onion and potato bags?! These totally beat keeping everything in the ugly plastic from the grocery store! They also help your vegetables last longer!


4. This shelf divider is an amazing way to optimize your shelf space! It keeps clothes in their spot, and makes your closet feel like a boutique!

5. Drawers are great for storage, but they tend to be a drop zone with not a lot of organization, because it is "out of sight, out of mind." These drawer dividers solve that problem! Opening up your underwear and sock drawers will never be stressful again.

6. These stackable shoe storage boxes are amazing! They are perfect to slide under the bed or stack up against a wall in the closet. The perfect solution for the person with a shoe obsession (looking at you, husband).


7. This under the sink organizer is the PERFECT option when you are short on space! It allows you to stack your storage and create the perfect places for your extra toiletries.

8. I love this cosmetic storage center! It is perfect for all of your different makeup, skincare, and even brushes. It has a clean look, and will match any bathroom. This one is a winner.

9. These apothecary jars are perfect for cotton swabs and even hair ties. I love having these easily accessible on the counter. It is so nice to have what you need right in front of you without having to dig around for it. It is especially nice when the containers are pretty to look at!

I hope this list is helpful, and I hope it inspires you to get organized for the new year! As always, if you are local to The Woodlands and surrounding areas, I would love to help you get organized with one of my sessions.

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