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My Foolproof Formula For Creating a Cohesive Space

The best rooms are the ones that are full of different colors and textures, but somehow manage to make it look like everything in the room belongs together. A beautiful and well designed space looks collected and interesting, yet manages to create a calming atmosphere. How do you achieve this effortless look? You do it by creating a color palette and sticking to it! Here is my formula for creating a beautiful, cohesive room.

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Step 1: Find your inspirational piece

For me, this is usually a rug or a piece of art. I like to find something with a few different colors to build off of. This inspirational piece will be the glue that connects the pieces in the room to each other. This area rug from Kirklands is the perfect inspiration piece, because it has so many colors to pull from. I will show you how I would design a room around this rug.

Step 2: Choose your color Palette

I like the combination of the warm and cool tones of the rust and blue, and the neutrals like light gray and dark brown, so those are the colors I will be using in the rest of the space.

Step 3: Add your furniture

I prefer to choose furniture pieces that are neutral and more basic, because they ground the space, and provide a foundation for you to build off of with more exciting decor pieces. For example, a classic sofa like this one is the perfect foundation for fun pillows and throw blankets.

Step 4: Layer with fun decor accents!

Now is the fun part! You take the colors from the color palette and incorporate them into the foundational furniture with throw pillows, blankets, decorative objects, and more!

The final product should come together to make a unified space! You can shop this look below!

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