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My Top 6 Holy Grail Baby Proofing Products

As a mom of 3 kids, 4 and under, I know what I am talking about when it comes to baby proofing your home! My twins have put us through the ringer with their constant exploration and curiosity. My home has suffered the consequences of toddlers so your's doesn't have to! These are my holy grail baby proofing products! Post contains affiliate links.

  1. Museum Gel- I can thank tiktok for the introduction to this fabulous product! All you do is pinch a couple little dollops of the gel, and place it at the bottom of your decorative items. After 24 hours it becomes impossible to pick up or knock over for the little ones! It is super easy to remove (just twist and lift!) and it causes no damage to your shelves!

  2. Corner Protectors- I use these on every single table in my home! I love that they are hard for babies and toddlers to take off, and not an eye sore! These are the best!

  3. Magnetic Cabinet Locks- I am a HUGE fan of these because they are invisible! They are incredibly effective, but they don't ruin the look of your kitchen. I have personal experience with this brand, and they are easy to install and work so well!

  4. Outlet Plug Covers- This is a given, but you have to cover the outlets! We use these, and they are great!

  5. Retractable Baby Gate- We have two of these! We have one at the top of our stairs and one at the bottom. I love these, because they blend in with our stair railing and when they aren't in use, you can hardly tell they are there! This is a must have for newly mobile babies!

  6. Oven Lock- This was a literal life saver for us. My twins used to try to hang on the oven because it was just the right height. It only took one fall for us to realize we needed something to keep it shut! This is inconspicuous and effective!

I really hope this was a helpful resource for you! I have been around the baby proofing block! Feel free to share with anyone needing some help protecting their homes and their babies!

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