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Our Laundry Room Makeover with The Shelving Store!

I am so excited to share this major transformation of one of the most neglected spaces in my home! The laundry room is probably one of the most important spaces in my home as a mother of 3, yet ever since we moved into our home we used it as a dumping ground. One of the things that we loved about our home when we moved into it last summer was the open floor plan, however I found myself struggling to find a spot that served as a "command center" for our family. To me it is very important to have a space to keep track of our mail, schedules, and any other family business. I find that a common problem that homeowners face is that they try to make a cookie cutter space work for them rather than looking into a custom solution that suits their needs. I was absolutely thrilled to work with The Shelving Store to transform my laundry room because their wire shelving provided the perfect foundation for a custom solution that fits my family's needs. Their wire shelving is so easy to put together, and with their customizable accessories like their shelf dividers and liners, you can truly create a system that works for your family! I have a discount code for you guys at the bottom of the post, so make sure you read all the way through to take advantage of it!

A belief I always want to pass on to my clients and followers at Thread of Gold Home is that as the homemaker you are the CEO of your home, and you should treat your role as an important job, because what you do is VALUABLE. Investing in a space that serves the needs of your family (and looks pretty!) is not selfish, it is smart and vital to your peace. As you can see below, our former situation was bringing zero peace to any of us. As always, I want to remind you that this post contains affiliate links, which means that I do make a small commission off of any items that you purchase through the links provided. I appreciate those purchases, as they make it possible for me to continue to be a resource for you!

Like I said before, with such an open floor plan in our new home, there wasn’t a designated place (like a study with doors) to hide all of our family command center type things when we have company over. Our laundry room was the best option, but desperately needed to be optimized. When I learned about The Shelving Store's wire shelving I knew it was the perfect foundation for my vision! One of the best parts about having a family command center in the laundry room is the ability to keep an inventory of the cleaning supplies, first aid supplies, sunscreen and bug spray, and any other scheduling or mail items all in one place!

The wire shelving is the perfect product for streamlining our laundry room in a way that makes it easy to keep track of everything and run this household efficiently. As an organizer I like to talk about the importance of storage bins and then help my clients identify the types of items that go into clear bins and the types that need to be concealed by solid ones. Over here in this nook I like to have these wire baskets because

the products need to be easily accessible, identifiable, and I need to know how many I have so I can take inventory for grocery shopping purposes. I also want to point out that the wire shelving was customized to fit the dimensions of this awkward nook, which we were unable to fill with any ready made store bought solutions (trust me, we tried!) previously. That is the benefit of using The Shelving Store's easily customizable wire shelving system to create exactly what you need. They recognize that every family has different needs, and even have knowledgeable staff members available by phone or through their online chat that can help you create the perfect system for you if you're unable to visualize what you need!

Above the washing machine I have the floating wire shelf with some baskets containing items such as our soft coolers and other infrequently used items that are not necessary for inventory purposes, so it is better for them to be concealed and accessed only when I need them. To the left of the dryer I also have this super convenient wall mounted lint trash can and hanger rack. I will link my hangers here too because they are so affordable and I love that the velvet makes them non slip! I love this thing because I can hang shirts as I take them out of the dryer instead of waiting 7 weeks to do it like I usually do... I wish I was kidding.

Another extremely helpful area in this laundry room is my gift wrap storage. I am excited about this solution that I finally came up with after several trial and error situations! I use the larger basket for my wrapping paper storage and the smaller one for my gift bags. Now I am able to quickly grab what I need and see what I have instead of thinking I need to buy a brand new roll of wrapping paper before every birthday party. One common issue that people run into when they are disorganized is buying duplicates of things because they can’t find or don’t remember something that they already have. I recently ran into this problem when organizing my kitchen when I found like seven ice cream scoops. Oops!

Moving on to the family command center that I discussed previously. This 4 month calendar that I purchased on Etsy is probably my new favorite thing! I love that I can see

the next 4 months in one place, and that the whole family is able to take a look at the schedules of everyone to eliminate confusion or double bookings. I also knew that I needed an efficient system for our mail organization. I purchased this 3 pack of wall pockets and labeled them "Action", "Outgoing" and "Save". By immediately categorizing my mail, I am able to eliminate huge piles of clutter and deal with things right away. It helps keep us organized and tidy!

I am passionate about creating spaces that are functional AND beautiful, because I feel like if a room is set up in a way that not only makes your life easier, but brings you joy, you are going to be able to fulfill the purpose the room is intended for in a much greater way. As women and mothers especially, so often we find ourselves in a reactive state when it comes to spaces like the laundry room, because we would rather invest our time and money into decorating a space like the living room or a bedroom. However, it does not cost a ton of money, and the pay off is HUGE when you take some time to optimize a space like this that you really do spend so much time in. The Shelving Store's wire shelving was so important for setting that foundation and maximizing the potential of our space since the builder grade shelving was not working for our family. Your life and productivity level will change when you realize that you are not bound by the shelving that came with your home and opt for something custom! You are worth the investment!

I hope you have enjoyed this transformation of my laundry room, and that it inspires you to make an investment in yourself and your own home! The possibilities are endless when you choose to customize your space! I have linked everything in the laundry room below! From 4/12/2021-4/19/2021, you can score 13% off select storage products with code SCW13 to kickstart your spring cleaning project! So now would be a GREAT time to take advantage of that deal!

Wire Shelving

White Storage Baskets

Wall Art (Set of 2)

Glass Jars (small)

Glass Jar (large)

Detergent Dispenser

Bleach and Vinegar Jars



Wood Shelf

Lint Trash Bin

Hanger Storage

Velvet Hangers

Mail Pockets

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Gold Wall Hooks

Princess Backpack

Wrapping Paper Storage

Gift Bag Storage

Wall Mounted Hook Rack

Wire Baskets (Large)

Wire Baskets (Small)

Beach Towels

Wall color is Sherwin Williams "Contented"!

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