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Sell Your Home FAST With These Staging Tips!

There is a secret formula to getting your home to sell quickly, and I am going to let you in on how to get a faster, higher priced offer with these home staging secrets!

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Did you know that a well staged home statistically sells 4.7% faster than a vacant or non staged home? That is because home staging creates a neutral environment that allows a wide array of buyers to envision themselves in your space. While you could absolutely go the route of hiring a stager, there are some quick fixes you can do to your home all on your own!


No offense, but that mural you had painted on your entry wall of your pets isn't as universally appreciated as you think it is. Buyers want a clean slate, and if they see all sorts of evidence of another family living in the home, they are going to feel less like future homeowners, and more like intruders. I once toured a home that prominently displayed their massive shot glass collection and all I could think about was that the house was a party house, which then lead me to think that it wasn't being taken care of. People want there to be no trace of the homeowner in order to visualize the possibilities for their own family in the house.


This seems obvious, but while putting away mail and other stray items is a good start, it is not enough. Look at every room and pack up any items that you don't use on a daily basis. Selling your home in June? Maybe pack up your winter coats. This also includes bulky furniture. If you have a dresser or extra side tables that just store junk, consider putting them into storage now so that potential buyers can move easily through your home. The added benefit to this is that it helps rooms look larger, increasing the look of the square footage in your space.


This goes along with depersonalization, but takes it a step further. I highly recommend repainting any boldly colored walls with a neutral color like Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. While your decor might look fantastic with a bright blue room, someone else would most likely prefer a clean, neutral look. Additionally, this applies to patterned linens and towels. While a colorful pattern can make your space look better in small doses, it is best not to use anything distracting that will take away the buyer's attention from picturing themselves living in your home! Remember- your HOUSE is what is for sale, NOT your belongings!

I hope these are some helpful tips, and if you are local I would love to assist you in getting your house market ready!

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