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The White House Project

I met Brandi on Facebook in March of 2021 in a Grandmillenial group. She was looking for someone to help her create the feminine, elegant, and unique space that she had always dreamed of, but had a hard time putting together on her own. I was so excited to help, and from the moment I met her I knew we would be a perfect fit for each other! Brandi's taste is exquisite, and she loves antiques as much as I do. We both love the combination of old and new, and incorporating colors and patterns into the home in an unexpected way. Originally I was just going to do her bedroom, but in the short initial meeting at her house she decided to go all in and get the common areas done as well!

Her bedroom was originally very dark and masculine. She had great RH furniture, and it would be a beautiful room for someone else, but it did not reflect the stage of life or bright and fun woman that Brandi is! We took advantage of the lack of male influence on the space and went wild with patterns and colors, making her bedroom a super happy place that reflects who she really is and excites and inspires her every time she enters it! Here are some before photos of the home to give you an idea of where we started!

After a year of working on this space (thanks, Covid delays!) we ended up with an amazing, cohesive home that will be enjoyed for years to come! Enjoy the finished product below!

Photos by (she is AMAZING!)

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