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Three Tips For Organizing Your Cords!

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We all love technology, but why are there seemingly no easy ways to manage the amount random cords and chargers in the house?! Here are some helpful tips to managing the messy cords, and clearing the technology clutter!

1. If you don't know what it belongs to, toss it!

This seems self explanatory, I know, but if you are like me, you are terrified of throwing away any sort of charger because you are afraid you will need it. Well, if you haven't needed it in the past year, chances are whatever it went to is either long gone, or an item you don't use. Throw it away, I promise it will be okay!

If that sounds too crazy, you can make an "Expiration Box" to hold items that you are afraid to throw away too soon. Take a cardboard box (or something pretty like this) and with a sharpie write in a future date of your choice to get rid of it. This date could be 6 months from now, or up to 2 years if that makes you feel better! If you haven't found a use for the items in the box by your expiration date, you can dispose of the contents in good conscience!

To avoid this problem in the future, use this tip from Dabbles and Babbles, and add a labeled piece of Washi tape to your cord. It looks great, and there will be no more confusion about what that cord is for!

2. If it's broken in any way, toss it!

Sensing a theme here? So often organizing involves a LOT of decluttering. When you have less stuff, you don't have as many items to store!

How often have you had to position a charging cord *just so* to get it to charge your device? Too many times for me to count! Chargers are so cheap on Amazon, and they are often sold in multipacks. Buy a 2 or 3 pack of chargers and keep them stored for this situation! That way, when your charger has reached the end of its life, you will have a backup on hand.

3. Shop these links for cord storage options!

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